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Sukanda Djaya

Sukanda Djaya is an e-commerce that provides goods for restaurants throughout Indonesia. Sukanda Djaya named his website with the name Sukanda one link. Sukanda Djaya is available in the form of mobile apps with the same name. In this project, Sukanda Djaya needs a developer to maintain the Sukanda One Link website.

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Sukanda Djaya chose Emveep as a partner in maintaining the Sukanda One Link website, especially in dealing with bugs and problematic Application Programming Interfaces. This often happens when creating a website. If left unchecked, this will certainly affect the appearance of the Sukanda One Link website, so it is not optimal for running an e-commerce website. Emveep, as a guide in software development, sends developers to solve bug problems and the Application Programming Interface.

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  • Solve bug problems that occur on the Sukanda One Link website
  • Fixed a problematic Application Programming Interface on the Sukanda One Link website


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