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Posted 04/11/22

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In this digital era of 5.0, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the centres of attention in business lines that promise to bring profits to companies and improve the economy amid a recession predicted to occur in 2023.

Blockbali is here as a forum for discussion to discuss an exciting opportunity for businesses in the blockchain and crypto industry. Emveep will attend the event as a service provider to support technology development in a blockchain environment.

But what exactly are the Blockbali Conferences, why are Blockbali Conferences important for Business, and who will the speakers come to the event? Read this article to the end.

What are Blockbali Conferences?

Blockbali conferences is an international blockchain conference in Indonesia organized by black arrow conferences. This event is the 5th edition which will take place in Bali on November 25.

In addition, several well-known brands in the crypto world also supported this event’s continuity. Such as indodax, NOBI, ExpandMyBusiness, Tadpole Finance, Degree crypto and Vexanium.

The brand’s interest is because this event aims to connect global blockchain experts with government and business leaders in Indonesia. The most exciting part of this event is that it will discuss the opportunities in blockchain & cryptocurrency in Indonesia and lay the foundation for Indonesia to become the largest blockchain market in ASEAN.

Why Are Blockbali Conferences Important For Business?

Earlier in the discussion, we mentioned opportunities in blockchain and cryptocurrency in Indonesia. So, of course, this will be very important for businesses to know. Moreover, the Indonesian government is very supportive of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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As said by Sandiaga Uno as Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy, Blockchain in the future must be an opportunity that is not only enjoyed by the upper-middle-class economy but must also provide various benefits for grassroots communities, especially tourism and creative economy actors in Indonesia.

Sandiaga Uno also added that we are also pursuing the target that President Joko Widodo has set in the Digital Transformation target that has been established, namely creating 9 million Digital Talents in 2035 and 30 million onboarding MSMEs in 2024.

This government support will be the most considerable boost for blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities in Indonesia. Public interest in the past few months has been high in NFT and crypto tokens.

Who Are the Keynote Speakers at Blockbali Event?

Blockchain international conferences

In addition to the exciting content of the event, it turned out that the presenter of the material in this opportunity discussion involved many professionals who were present. The following is a list of speakers at the Blockbali 2022 event:

  • Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno – Minister of tourism & creative economy of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Dr Jerry Sambuaga – Vice-minister of trade of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Dr Rudy Salahuddin, MEM – Deputy Minister for digital economy, Manpower & SMEs
  • Oscar Darmawan – Founder & President Director
  • Tirta Karma Senjaya – Head Commodity Futures trading development bureau
  • Muhammad Neil El Himam – Deputy for Digital Economy & Creative products Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy
  • Lawrence Samantha – Founder Nobi
  • Nishant Behl – Founder & CEO Expand My Business
  • Raine Renaldi S.IIP, AWP – Chief Fintech, Economic & Digital Asset Comm Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Vas Modinos – Founder & CEO of Block ready
  • Matthias Meyer Lutterloh – Head of NFT Focus Group European Blockchain Association
  • I Gede Putu Rahman Desyanta – Vice Chairman of GEKRAFS Bali
  • Dr Pavani KVVLN – President Hyderabad Chapter GBA
  • Kelly Lindeman – Founder & CEO of AW
  • Julien Bouteloup – Founder of Stake Capital Group
  • Leonardus Soeterbroek – ERC20 Specialist
  • Andrei Popescu – Founder & CEO SCX
  • Roberto Capodieci – CEO Blockchain Zoo
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The Blockchain event will attract and pioneer international blockchain conferences in Indonesia and even ASEAN. As a Custom software development company, we play an essential role in developing web 3.0 to provide talent experts ready to meet business needs in expanding their market to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. So remember to keep an eye on our activities on November 25 on our Instagram account and Blockbali conference website.


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