4 Types of Software Every Tech Startup Wants To Build

Posted 02/11/22

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There is a lot of custom software that could elevate your digital transformation and help to achieve your business goal faster. However, we discussed before how to stay relevant in the information era. To stay on top of the competition, you should start to digitize your business. To do that, you should also know what software solutions are most beneficial to your business.

A skilled team of dedicated developers can transform your idea and vision into a software solution tailored to your needs, propelling your ascension to the top of your market. And now, we will look at the common types of software and see how they might benefit your business.

Industry-Specific Software

The software can be divided into different types by specific industries they’re built for. An industry-specific software usually has several standard features common for a particular industry, but it can also have countless unique features for your business. A professional team of developers will follow your requirements to make the solution as functional and unique as you need it to be.

Automotive Software

Automobile manufacturing, garage management, vehicle safety, vehicle navigation, autopilot, autonomous vehicle software, and many more can all be considered automotive software. The vast majority of modern vehicles already have navigation, safety, and autopilot features embedded in them, which makes cars more efficient, comfortable, and safer for drivers. As autonomous vehicles become increasingly common, this particular type of software will get more prominent within the following years, which is a good investment for any business in the industry.

Fintech Software

This encompasses any kind of software in financial services. The very term fintech often refers to companies that use technologies to deliver all sorts of financial services to businesses and individuals. The fintech-specific software could be anything from mobile apps for payments, chatbots for financial advising, stock-trading apps, budgeting apps, e-wallets and crypto-wallets, crowdfunding platforms, and more. Look also at our work on developing Fintech.

Healthcare Software

Software used in healthcare plays an integral part in improving people’s quality of life and longevity worldwide. In many ways, it is one of the most important types of software as it serves the interests of humanity. Healthcare software includes electronic health records, medical research, diagnosis, medical imaging, telemedicine, hospital management, and more. Look also at our work on developing Healthcare Software.

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E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, accounting for more than half of the retail industry’s growth. In most cases, E-Commerce software is represented by online stores. Still, it also encompasses all-in-one solutions for website creation and P2P commerce, market analytics, and B2B solutions that can benefit any business trying to build a strong online presence. Look also at our work on developing E-commerce.

Destination-Specific Software

When discussing software that helps businesses manage their resources, creating a strong IT ecosystem that fosters efficient use of all available assets, including employees, finance, and material resources, is paramount. In addition, it is also essential to ensure fluent communication between you and your customers.

Luckily, you can have custom-tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and Operational Management software crafted by a professional team of developers. These software applications to almost any industry offer a broad set of analytical and managerial tools that can be adapted to the needs of a specific business.

CRM Software

Customer Relationships Management software helps you administer customer interactions by analyzing and using factual data on their preferences and habits. However, CRM does more than that; it helps you organize your internal business processes, manage your employees, eliminate efficiency bottlenecks, and improve time management. CRM is one of the most critical tools for managing your business, and it is expertly crafted and customized and can give you tons of benefits in the long run.

Resource Planning Software

Enterprise Resource Planning is meant for managing the main business processes by collecting, storing, analyzing, and interpreting data from various business activities. Having the information and being capable of interpreting and using it properly is vital for increasing the efficiency of your business. A custom-made ERP system collects and interprets the information daily, allowing you to better understand and improve your enterprise.

Operations Management Software

The ultimate goal of operations management software is to ensure the efficiency of business operations – from delivering services or goods to the clients to manufacturing those same products – the system helps make all these processes more effective and efficient. In addition, this software sets the backbone for your automation efforts, which may prove vital for your business.

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Technology-Specific Software

Many new technologies have emerged over the past decade, changing our perspectives on running and managing a successful business. Few have been as influential as AI and Big Data, though; for that reason, many businesses now try to take advantage of these developments.

AI Software

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has played a pivotal role in the automation of many processes that previously required the involvement of human resources. With AI software, you can automate and streamline anything, starting with workload scheduling and ending with goods manufacturing.

Though AI still requires some human involvement, it drastically reduces the time spent handling monotonous tasks. In addition, AI and Big Data development open the doors to new opportunities with machine learning technology helping you better understand and forecast the market trends, optimize the energy consumption of the enterprise, automate processes, and generally boost the efficiency of your business.

IoT Software

Internet of Things software is the next big thing in business that is not big at all, but rather a combination of many small things that work together for maximum efficiency. IoT is already everywhere, and it is the right time to take advantage of its capacity to bring together countless devices to achieve a single goal. Of course, that goal depends on your business objectives, but the technology has already proven worth in industries like transportation, healthcare, automotive, agriculture, energy, and many more.

Platform-Specific Software

There are several types of custom application software depending on the platform it is used on. Generally, this type of software is meant to run on a specific platform but leaves room for cross-platforming.

Desktop Software

Desktop software or application is a tools for connecting the device to the user without a direct connection to the web. Custom software could be anything – a simple calculator, a video game, an analytical tool, a video editing app, and literally anything else. Of course, the fact that this is a desktop app does not exclude the possibility of web functionality. All of that can be added to your custom application to your desires.

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Mobile App Software

Like desktop apps, mobile applications are the kind of software that runs on mobile devices, namely smartphones or tablets. But, again, this could be anything, and the main difference here is that you can use it on portable devices. Look also at our work on developing Mobile apps.

Cloud Software

Cloud software is a type of software that uses a cloud computing infrastructure to give ubiquitous access to shared applications to numerous users. Also known as web apps, cloud software could be data storage, an analytical tool that collects data from numerous sources, an application that serves numerous purposes, a service for the customers or your employees, and many more. The main advantage here is that it can be easily maintained and improved.

Final Taught

There are a ton of different types of software that can help a business to grow. It might be a bit confusing to pick which one suits your business. Well, first, it would depend on your industry; secondly, it depends on your immediate and long-term needs. Then, it would help if you decided which technology suits your needs better and which platform would make using that technology most convenient.

If you want to get a better understanding of your needs, it’s better to consult with a professional custom software development company like Emveep. Here we work on most types of software in numerous industries, and that is our goal to help you find out what you need, give you exactly that, and make sure everything functions according to the industry’s highest standards.

You already know about the types of custom software development services. If you want to know more about how much each type of software may cost, please check our discussion here.


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