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Posted 24/10/23

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Starting from now, data and privacy must be kept in secure places. In addition, hackers have always haunted your data on the internet. Not only that, many hackers will create better viruses or variants of ransomware to get your information, even your money in the bank. If the case always happens in the past, why does a startup start for awareness today? We will start from this question.

Many Startup Even Companies Started to Worry About Cybersecurity

Based on Canalys’ report, 12 vendors are spending more on cybersecurity in Q2 2023. 

  • Leading the market in Q2, Palo Alto Networks grew 25.4%, fueled by demand for SASE, SecOps, and cloud security. 
  • Fortinet ranked second, having capitalized on further gains in network security. But its growth of 19.0% in Q2 represented a slowdown from 26.2% in Q1, according to the report. 
  • Cisco accounted for 6.1% of total spending, down from 6.7% last year, despite new platform launches and more acquisitions, including its intent to purchase Splunk for US$28 billion. 
  • CrowdStrike, Check Point, Okta, and Microsoft rounded out the top seven, the Canalys report revealed.

Why is this happening now? What happened? We found ransomware has increased this year. Threat levels are at unprecedented heights, with the number of publicly reported ransomware attacks up by more than 50% and breached data records more than doubling in the first eight months of this year, said Matthew Ball, Chief Analyst at Canalys.

Higher Treats Equal Higher Cybersecurity Spending

More threats will be equal to higher cybersecurity spending. For businesses, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the wave. The cybersecurity services opportunity for partners will be larger than selling cybersecurity technology this year, with spending forecast to grow 13.2% to US$143.2 billion in 2023. It’s a big number that makes you think again about this. In addition, we found a company or startup that get funding in cybersecurity.

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Startup Movement: Adding Investment In Cybersecurity

We look at the several news startup that have started a movement to get invest in cybersecurity. This reminds us that cybersecurity will be on the trend in the future. The phenomenon was the same before ChatGPT was booming. In the future, there will be many treats. Or do they want to improve security infrastructure? We will talk about it below.

Blockaid Gain Funding for Web3 Cybersecurity

Blockaid is a web3 cybersecurity startup that provides a security layer for blockchain transactions. The company announced raising $33 million in funding to expand its products, customer base, and team. 

The funding will help Blockaid address the security challenges faced by the web3 industry, which is growing rapidly and becoming more complex. Blockaid’s security layer scans every transaction, whether from a wallet, a dApp, or a smart contract, and works with any blockchain network. Blockade aims to protect web3 users from cyberattacks and ensure the safety and integrity of their transactions.

Local Measure and Darwinium raise funds as Aussie tech booms.

Two Australian tech startups, Local Measure and Darwinium, have raised millions of dollars from investors amid a surge in funding for the sector. Local Measure, which offers call centre software, has partnered with Amazon Web Services and recovered from the COVID-19 impact. Darwinium, which focuses on cybersecurity, has secured a US deal and plans to expand globally.

Key Takeaway: Cybersecurity is more concern than before

At the bottom, we know that 12 vendors are spending more on cybersecurity. Indicate the new wave of cybercrime will be increased in the future. We are still determining what happened exactly on the internet today and tomorrow. But many companies prepare for the worst case and spend more on technology that saves their data and prevents hackers from threatening your software, website, or application. We must start to be aware of security? Yes, mitigate the risk before the vulnerability is found by hackers.

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But how? You can use AI to detect anomaly activity or something that puts your software in danger. We can help you more safely and securely with your user on website, software, and application. Suppose you need AI and machine learning to mitigate the risk of hacking or anomaly activity. In that case, we can help you to build it from scratch. Call us today, and our team will reach you soon.


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