Can a $1.2M Learning Platform be funded? Makes Impossible Into Incredible

Posted 11/07/23

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The world of education is now experiencing significant changes since AI has appeared in the public. You can see the trend developing based on search engine results; the Trend query Educational Platform has changed on related topics that many people seek. Based on the data under the keywords, Education platforms, and Online have recently experienced a breakout.

educational platform on google trends

According to Statista, the E-learning platform is indeed promising for business in terms of revenue. Revenue can be projected per user to reach US$78.30. Apart from that, the users themselves can achieve the expected amount of 0.92bn users by 2027. That is an incredible number.

Data from statista about e learning platform

So it’s normal with massive funding for education-based startups. This article will discuss how to get such much financing for an educational platform. But before that, we will discuss the questions that arise when you are unsure about choosing the education industry.

Can AI Make Decline E-Learning Platform Trends?

AI trends make up trends

Does the use of AI make this E-learning platform decline? This question might occur, but artificial intelligence can help to learn to be more fun and, of course, more modern. Based on the London School and Business, AI positively impacts student learning experiences in accessing content quickly and efficiently.

Actually, even with AI, if you don’t know how to use it, it will make humans even lazy to do anything. On the other hand, for business, with the existence of AI, if it is adequately studied, it will have a positive impact on the company. If it is concluded that E-learning is still necessary and will not decrease, it will increase with AI’s help.

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Now you know why E-learning is still in demand even though Artificial intelligence can shift it. This is a moment for you to further understand a company that has been successful and received large amounts of funding. Here’s the formula:

How to Get Funds for an E-Learning Platform

1. Take A Small Opportunity That No One Sees

take a small chance to get bigger revenue in educational platform

In June, we discovered that Kidovo was funded $1.2m to provide every child (2-8 years old) with personalized interactive learning. Some people may think that interactive content for children is already a lot and can be found quickly. But according to the Co-Founder of Kidovo, there are very few options for such content.

The Kidovo team started researching the spaces and gaps between the content provided on the internet. By making an initial version of their product, they immediately moved to study their initial development. About 60 families initially served up to 4000 registered families. Within 6 months, Kidovo has received kidSAFE COPPA+ certification and 5-star certification from educational app stores.

This indicates that Kidovo sees opportunities with factual certainty. When many people see that many content creators have made this, but on the other side, there is still very little space for children’s learning. As Richard Branson said, Business opportunities are like buses; one always comes.

2. Use AI to Bring Personalize Experience

AI bring positive impact for e learning platform

One of the best examples of using AI is Kenyan EdTech Startup, Craydel. This platform uses AI as a search engine and recommendations based on interests, values, budget, career aspirations, and talent assessment. With the use of AI, Craydel was able to attract investors’ interest, and as much as $1 million was successfully raised.

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Craydel aims to enhance the student experience by combining choices and combating bias. The platform empowers students to find, compare and apply to higher education institutions across Africa and offers online certificate programs, career assessments, and guidance on course application and visa processes.

More than 90 colleges, universities, and internationals have partnered with Craydel, connecting students to 3,000 higher education programs. Another strength Craydel has is that it is well-positioned to address accessibility, quality, affordability, and information issues in the education sector, along with other EdTech startups in Kenya.

3. Study While Playing Ideas

learning platform provide fun when learn

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has changed people’s interest in investing, while interest in financial literacy is still low. So fraudulent investments and scams often occur. Instead of making a profit, it’s a loss. A company called Doshi created an app that aims to solve this problem. Indeed, reading about finance often uses language complex for newcomers to understand. But Doshi did something different; he saw this opportunity and created fun and engaging bite-sized learning experiences to help their members become more financially savvy. 

In addition, this application is also integrated with AI, which can personalize the learning experience, including celebrity chat skins, open-ended questions, and custom missions. Their application target is for the new generation. Thanks to this innovation, Doshi received £1 million in funding from the Austrian Pre-Seed Fund Calm/Storm Ventures.

4. Learning Platform is Not Always About Course

floki develop crypto learning platform for educate many people

In 2023 $FLOKI revealed a plan to launch a comprehensive crypto education platform. This platform is intended to provide valuable knowledge and insights while accelerating utility and awareness for the $FLOKI ecosystem. Of course, this will be an exciting idea and purpose for the learning platform to educate many people about the ecosystem owned by $FLOKI. According to the data, they have at least 1 billion crypto users by 2025. A significant number, right? Interested in making this? Read to the end; of course, there will be benefits for you.

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Key Takeaway: Take a Small Opportunity, Think Bigger Revenue

You are at the end of our discussion. After you read about the successful journey of startups that focus on education platforms, it turns out that even the most minor things many people don’t see can get colossal funding. So can a $1.2M learning platform be funded? Yes, of course, you can. The learning platform is not just a course, college, or theoretical material, but $FLOKI has a different purpose than other learning platforms. $FLOKI utilizes e-learning platforms to educate about their ecosystem. 

Do you have an e-learning platform idea that you want to develop? 

If you still need a minimum viable product, let’s discuss it with our team. With our wealth of experience, your minimum viable product has a higher level to attract the attention of your target market. Let’s consult today.

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