Meta Presents a New Feature to Stop Instagram Tracking On The Web

Posted 18/10/23

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has just launched a new feature that allows users to stop Instagram from tracking their data across the websites and apps they visit. This feature is part of Meta’s efforts to increase users’ privacy and control over their data.

Off-Meta Technologies Activities

This feature is called “Off-Meta Technologies Activities.” It can now be accessed through the Account Center on the Meta platform. Previously, this feature was only available for Facebook. With this feature, users can view a list of businesses that share data with Meta, choose to disconnect with certain businesses to customize their experience, or even delete that data completely.

Apart from that, Meta also added several other features to the Account Center, including a feature for transferring photos and videos from Instagram to other services. This feature makes it easier for users to share and save their memories on other platforms. Additionally, features like “Download Your Information” and “Access Your Information” are now centralized in the Account Center. This means users can download data from their Facebook and Instagram accounts simultaneously.

To access the Account Center, users can go to the Settings menu on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. By offering these features, Meta hopes to improve the overall user experience on its platform. In addition, Instagram is currently testing a new feature that allows users to share their stories with a specific audience list. This feature is similar to the existing ‘Close Friends’ feature but provides more flexibility for users to choose who can see their stories.

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