Top 5 Prioritize Skills for Senior React Js Developers 2023

Posted 21/06/23

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Quick overview: Based on what we found, the Most important React skills for senior React JS developers such as JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6, HTML + CSS, JSX (Javascript XML) & Babel, Node + NPM, and Redux.

One of the secrets that has never been opened is the minimum skill a senior React Js developer must have. Of course, this will be controversial among developers. This senior term is someone very skilled in the React js framework. But there are specific skills that need to be prioritized.

In this discussion, we will provide five priority skills that must be possessed as a senior React js developer in 2023.

Why Hire React JS Developers?

It is undeniable that the React JS framework is becoming a trend nowadays because it can adapt to current needs, such as creating NFT profile websites, web 3.0, blockchain, and others. Statistics 2022 shows React JS is included in the framework developers often use, ranked second at 42.62%.

statistic for most used web framework

Top 5 Most Important React JS Developer Skills

There are five important skills that you must know when hiring senior React JS developers. Here we go:

  1. Javascript + ES6
  2. HTML + CSS
  3. JSX & Babel
  4. Node + NPM
  5. Redux

1. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

With a basic understanding of JavaScript basics and ES6 skills, it is possible to progress in ReactJS. You should know how to work with variables, objects, arrays, functions, classes, promises, async/await, DOM manipulation, event handling, destructuring, and more.


The ability to work with and craft user interfaces is necessary for every front-end developer. You should know how to work with semantic HTML tags, CSS selectors, box models, flexbox, responsive web design, media queries, and more.

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3. JSX (Javascript XML) & Babel

JSX is a syntax extension that allows you to write HTML-like code in JavaScript. It is an abstraction on top of React.createElement () API that makes it easier to create and render React elements. Babel is a tool that transpires JSX into plain JavaScript browsers that can be understood.

4. Node + NPM

Node is a runtime environment that allows running JavaScript code outside of the browser. Then, NPM is a package manager that will enable you to install and manage dependencies for your React projects. ReactJS programmers should know how to use Node and NPM. This lets you set up your development environment, run scripts, install packages, and more.

5. Redux

Redux is a state management library that helps you manage the data flow in your React applications. It follows the principle that your view is a function of your state. ReactJS Developers should know how to use Redux to create actions, reducers, store, and middleware and connect them to your React components.

What Other React JS Developer Skills?

These are some of the essential skills for React developers, but other skills can help you improve your React development, such as:

1. Git

Using Git helps to track code changes and collaborate with other developers. Plus, programmers know how to work with GitHub repositories and handle merge conflicts.

2. Testing tool

Apart from Git, the testing tool needs to be mastered by a senior React JS developer. These tools help write and run tests for React applications. Additionally, to ensure code quality and functionality and prevent bugs. Some popular testing tools for React are Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme, Cypress, and many more.

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3. Routing library

Another skill is the Routing library. This tool will help manage your React app’s navigation and URL path. It allows React developers to create different views or pages for your application and link them together. Some popular routing libraries for React are React Router, Reach Router, Next.js, etc.

4. UI framework

This UI framework means a collection of components and styles. It will help to create a consistent and attractive user interface for your React application. The advantage saves you time and effort by providing ready-made solutions for common UI elements like buttons, forms, menus, modals, and more. Some popular UI frameworks for React are Bootstrap, Material UI, Ant Design, and others.

Key Takeaway: Mastering the Top 5 Essential Skills for Hire Senior React Developer

At the lowest point, if you need senior React JS developers for your project, they must know these five skills to make great web apps with React, including JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6, HTML + CSS, JSX & Babel, Node + NPM, and Redux.

Furthermore, not only that there are other skills for maximizing the potential of your react project, such as Git, Testing tools, Routing libraries, and UI frameworks. With these minimum skills, Senior React JS developers can meet your needs and expectations with these skills.


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