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Posted 01/11/22

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One of the biggest concerns enterprises face with developing a custom application is deciding the budget. This is because the cost to develop a mobile app is not defined as it depends on various tech factors such as app complexity, features, mobile OS platforms, etc.

Hence, we will now discuss how much it costs to develop a custom application.

How to Evaluate the Developing a Custom Application?

The estimated cost of developing a custom application is subject to various factors. According to research on the business of apps, the average cost to develop an app ranges from $16,000 to more than $72,000.

For the best cost estimations, organizations must clearly focus on the requirements and share them with the best mobile app development company to hire. All the top companies have all the resources and great minds to analyze the cost according to the requirement.

Hiring dedicated app developers will help business enterprises develop excellent minimum viable products (MVPs) that will help gauge the target audience’s needs. Also, MVP development costs range from $10,000 to $50,000.

Application type

After we know the general cost of developing a custom application, we will discuss the specific cost range of app development. But first, it is important to understand that the cost varies according to mobile app type. And now, we will study that in detail:

Simple apps

These are single-purpose apps and are the cheapest to develop. Apps like clocks, calculators, etc., that don’t require any internet connection are included in this category.

Cost of developing a Simple App: $10,000-$30,000

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Social network apps

As the name suggests, these apps fall in the same category as the famous applications familiar to us, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The common feature of social network apps is handling chats, videos, and millions of interactions that go simultaneously and allow the users to share their information easily.

Cost of developing a Social Network App: $50,000-$300,000

Apps that require personalized data and authentication

These types of applications require the user’s personal data. And the app is sophisticated and uses user data and shares information across devices. Example of these applications is Mcdonald’s delivery service and online travel booking apps.

Cost of developing Apps that require personalized data and authentication: $40,000-$80,000

Ecommerce mobile application

The business organization would require features such as catalogs, social integrations, and user registration to build an eCommerce app such as Amazon and eBay. Due to the extended feature list, the cost to develop an eCommerce app would be higher than the simple mobile applications. Nevertheless, checking the final eCommerce app development cost with the providers is always advisable to keep up your budget.

Cost of developing an eCommerce app: $60,000-$300,000

On-demand service mobile apps

These apps, such as Uber. have a single-point agenda – to connect the service providers with end-users and fulfill their needs. Therefore, on-demand apps’ features combine eCommerce and social network apps. Moreover, the on-demand business model for startups is rising due to the increase in the on-demand economy.

Cost of developing an on-demand service app: $70,000-$150,000

Marketplace mobile app

The marketplace applications have similar functionalities, such as on-demand or eCommerce apps, but unlike the eCommerce apps, they render many different services. They quickly render the service provider to the customer’s choice along with the different types of services. Therefore, the marketplace app development cost can be justified by its functionalities as an all-in-one application.

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Cost of developing a Marketplace App: $80,000-$300,000


Determining the cost of app development is an art that can be improved with time and experience. The leading app developers are adept at this. Still, to have a typical app development cost estimate that doesn’t deviate much from the pricing range, the businesses must have clear requirements and an idea about the features and functionalities to integrate.

Based on the changing trends and technologies, there will be changes and further integrations required, which are focused on and informed to the app development partner in advance can have a better-calculated approach for app development.

If you want a cost estimation for a mobile app, you need to develop for your business, send your app development requirements here and receive a more appropriate pricing range.


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