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Posted 03/08/22

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When your business is faced with product development or requires digital, but people who understand it don’t exist or even less, what will you do? Recruit experienced people or recruit software development outsourcing companies in your area. If you have enough budget, your first choice is to recruit first. Do a search for a developer who has experience of more than 2 years or even more than that.

But after days of searching in your area, it turns out that nothing matches your requirements. What would you do? Recruit developers from other countries according to your wishes. Some of the challenges of recruiting from other countries are the differences in work culture in your region.

Some mistakes often occur in recruiting a developer from another country, resulting in you having to take more time on the product you will develop. Even though you have made a schedule and time that coincides with the day of your product launch.

How do you make your developer recruitment process run according to the product development schedule that you have set? This time I will discuss how you hire developers from Indonesia.

Must Know the Role of Indonesian Developers In Your Needs

software developer indonesia

You know the wants and needs for your product development but don’t know which role to fill in the gaps in your team. There are many roles of a developer, including frontend developer, backend developer, and full-stack developer. Indeed, there are too many terms in the role of a developer, but what are the things that distinguish one another? here’s the explanation.

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Frontend Developer

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are created for the web or web apps through client-side development or frontend websites so that users can view and interact with them directly.

Backend Developer

Backend developers are experts who build and maintain the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on websites. Unlike frontend developers, who control everything you can see on the website, backend developers are involved in data storage, security, and other server-side functions that you cannot see on the front of the site.

Full-stack Developer

Unlike the case with backend and frontend roles, the two roles are under one umbrella in this role. More specifically, developers can work with javascript, PHP, Java, and databases (backend) and convert designs into programming code such as HTML, CSS, and XML (front end).

The Understanding Programming Language Will Be Used

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It seems that these three roles have not been clearly described by you. You need to understand the programming language used for the frontend and backend. The majority only know the surface of the programming language. In a sense, only the most popular programming languages ​​are known by many people, even though there are many programming languages ​​if you dive deeper.

However, in this discussion, I create a list of what programming languages ​​are commonly used by a frontend developer and a backend developer. Here is the list:

Frontend Developer

Based on the StackOverflow data in 2021, especially the web frameworks that are often used by developers are as follows:

  1. React.js
  2. Jquery
  3. Angular
  4. Vue.js
  5. Ruby on Rails

Backend Developer

Without wasting your time, here is a list of the 5 best Backend frameworks professional developers more often use for a site, as follows:

  1. Spring Framework + Spring boot for Java Developers
  2. Django for Python Developers
  3. Express.js for JavaScript Developers
  4. ASP.NET core for .NET developers
  5. Laravel for PHP Programmers
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Knowing Indonesian Work Culture

What happens if you are targeting a country you have never visited before, not even knowing the culture of that country? Understanding the work culture is necessary to maintain the continuity of your project.

The first work culture in Indonesia is mutual respect to build pleasing cooperation. This really helps you in making your work environment more positive. Of course, this is a good signal for you to build long-term cooperation with the best developers in Indonesia.

Next is deliberation in terms of negotiation. This is vital in making decisions for a large or small project. Just one step, you are already left behind by competitors. So this work culture is perfect for the sustainability of your project.

How? Work culture in Indonesia really brings positive things to your project. Interested in recruiting Indonesian developers? Check out the insights we got on how to hire them the right way.

Step by step to Hire an Indonesia Developer for your Project

1. Create Project Requirements

Outlining the project’s goals is half the battle. Whether it’s a web application, business solutions, or sophisticated data infrastructure. Specifying the technology needed and the standards that will be followed is crucial.

2. Structuring Development Team

The second step is structuring the development team. It will be simpler to bring on a developer and another team member. This also creates a realistic budget because you can roughly estimate the number of professionals required.

3. Check the portfolio of the developer

Before hiring an Indonesian developer, verifying their experience in the field is crucial. Look for candidates or vendors who have built good web or apps in the past

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4. Technologies developer works with

The scalability and enhancements of a web are directly impacted by the technologies used to build the website. So hire an Indonesia developer or software development company Indonesia that is both proficient and up to date on modern technologies

5. Screening process

During the screening process, pay particular attention to the candidate’s hard skills, technical expertise, and soft skills.

Take a long time to recruit, but I need fast

What would it be like if you needed time or even this month? The step-by-step above only applies if you have enough time.

What if you need a developer from Indonesia quickly? Relax. All you need to prepare is time to have further conversations with us. You don’t need to bother thinking about these 5 steps. You just need to set a schedule to meet with us. Consult your needs with the experts before your business fade away.


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