How to Find and Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 2023

Posted 05/06/23

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Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, is a popular open-source web development framework that is built using the Ruby programming language. It is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a popular choice among developers for building web applications. However, finding ruby programmers can be a bit of a challenge. 

Based on a Report by Rinku Thakkar who specializes in Hiring the Best Talent, 76% percent of hiring managers admit that attracting the right job candidates is their biggest challenge and 63% of recruiters say talent shortage is their biggest problem.

We have made a list and found a platform and company that is available for Ruby on Rails developers for hire. This is a part of the surprise, the price is expensive affordable, and can be done on time.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails offers several advantages that make it stand out from other web development frameworks. Here are some of them:

  • Cost-effective: The Ruby on Rails framework is 100% free and runs on Linux, which is an open-source platform. It also has many gems (plugins) available that can save time and effort for developers.
  • Built on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture: This architecture separates the application logic from the user interface, making it easier to maintain and test the code.
  • Easy to manage changes: Easy to modify the existing code or add new features to the site. It also has a built-in migration system that helps to update the database schema without losing data.
  • Secure: Built-in and enabled by default, such as protection from cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. It also follows the secure development lifecycle, which is a complex security assurance process.
  • Performance: The framework can handle high traffic and complex applications with ease, thanks to its caching and concurrency features. It also supports various web servers and databases, making it scalable and adaptable.
  • Flexibility: Allows developers to use different frontend and backend technologies, depending on their needs and preferences. It also supports multiple programming paradigms, such as object-oriented, functional, and procedural.
  • Productivity: Rapid development with its convention-over-configuration approach and extensive libraries. It also emphasizes code simplicity, resulting in cleaner and more maintainable applications.
  • Consistent: Follows a set of coding standards and best practices, making it easier for developers to collaborate and share code. It also has a large and active community that provides support and guidance.
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Where to Find Good Ruby on Rails Developers?

This is the list that we have sorted for you in finding Ruby on Rails developers. Look at our list in detail, and don’t forget to take one site for a quotation. Let’s go!

Ruby On Rails Agencies

A great place to find Ruby on Rails developers is through agencies. These agencies specialize in connecting businesses with developers and can be a great way to find those with a specific set of skills. Some of the most popular Agencies include Toptal and Codementor. But if you are looking for a trusted partner for outsourcing you can take a look at the Ruby on Rails company Indonesia profile.

On these agencies, you can search for developers based on their location, experience, and skills. You can also post job listings on these agencies and receive resumes from interested candidates. 

Ruby On Rails Job Boards

Online job boards are one of the most popular places to find ruby programmers. These platforms are home to thousands of job listings, skills, and experience. Some of the most popular online job boards include LinkedIn, Indeed, and Upwork.

Ruby On Rails Freelancer

Freelance platforms are another great place to find Ruby on Rails freelancers. These platforms connect developers with businesses and individuals who need their services. Some of the most popular freelance platforms include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiver.

Ruby on Rails Meetups

Ruby on Rails meetups is a great way to connect with local Ruby on Rails developers. These meetups are usually organized by local communities and provide a great opportunity to meet and network with other developers. Some of the most popular Ruby on Rails meetups include RailsConf.

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Social Media

Social media platforms are another great place to find Ruby on Rails developers. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are home to thousands of developers who are active in the Ruby on Rails community. You can use these platforms to connect with developers, ask questions, and even post job listings.


Referrals are one of the best ways to find Ruby on Rails programmers. If you know someone who has worked with a Rails programmer in the past, ask for their recommendations. This can be a great way to find developers who are reliable and have a proven track record.


Finding the right rails programmer can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right approach, you can find the perfect developer for your next project. Whether you choose to use agencies, online job boards, freelance platforms, social media, referrals, Ruby on Rails developer communities, or Ruby on Rails conferences, you can be sure that you will find the right developer for your project.

As you can see, Ruby on Rails is a powerful and versatile web development framework that can help you create amazing web applications in less time and with less hassle. If you are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer for hire, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best talent for your project.

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