How Many Hours Actually Needed to Develop an App

Posted 30/11/22

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With the advancement of technology, almost everything will undergo digitalization. And one of the most popular platforms is mobile phones. With the growth of mobile phone users, most businesses have shifted their services from the conventional method to the digital app base. 

Of course, you will also need to shift to digital services to stay relevant to the current trend. And to do so, you will require to create an app. But how long does developing a mobile application for your business takes? What factors affect the development time of apps?

So without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

What Factors Will Impact on App Development Timeline?

Multiple areas impact the app development timeline. We will discuss it but not at all, focusing on the core areas. There is a reason that can dramatically increase or decrease the timeline.

The Complexity of an App

The app complexity refers to how hard it is to convert your mobile application idea into reality. For app developers, complexity is the time required to make an app as per clients’ expectations. Complexity can refer to advanced app features, UI/UX design, user navigation, and mobile application testing.

Integration with Third-party Services

If your mobile app mainly uses third-party integration services to offer the output, it can consume development time.

Third-party services have methods that should be fulfilled in the stage of app development. So, app developers must spend extra time researching and integrating third-party services and testing applications before deployment.


There are different methods and approaches you can apply to the project. Each methodology and process has its own benefits and specialties. Some may help you decrease the amount of time for finishing the project. 

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Mobile apps classification

Here, we will categorize a mobile application into three sections: simple, average, and large/complex. Also, we have discussed the time estimation of all three app types with their respective examples. To create an Android application, developers use native programming languages like Java and Kotlin. These programming languages help developers to develop Android applications having faster performance.

Simple App

Usually, simple applications have up to five screens, don’t exchange data with other systems’ databases, don’t collect analytics of user stories and actions, and register users by email.

Average App

Average apps can have multiple processes. They have about ten screens, a personal account, authorization through social networks, integrations with a server or a website, and some may have payment systems.

Complex App

Complex apps can support real-time synchronization, interactivity, database integration, animation, work with downloaded data, and much more.

Mobile apps classification

Mobile App Development timeline and stages

Every stage of app development determines the scope of a project and the process you need to follow. You can check our previous discussion about stages of app development to consider the amount of time for each step, starting from the planning of your app.

Now let’s check about the average time needed to develop an app.

stage of app development

As you have checked the timeline required for different stages of app development, you also want to know the cost of developing a mobile application. Check our complete guide on the cost of developing mobile apps.


mobile app development timeline

As we discussed above. We can conclude that the mobile app development timeline differs, although it can be wisely estimated. Follow the proven business strategies when you try to find out how long to make an app. Make sure that each stage, like planning, development, launching, and post-launch support, is conducted on a high level. 

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Considering all the mentioned details, we hope to answer your question, “how many hours are needed to develop an app” and give helpful advice on your solutions. If you have any additional questions about developing apps. Feel free to contact us at Emveep. We will gladly provide professional consultation and find a suitable approach for you.


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