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Posted 01/03/23

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Based on a report from Gartner, this data was taken in 2020, finding that between 2023 and 2024 businesses have transformed their workflows using Artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies such as virtual personal assistants and chatbots are rapidly making headway into the workplace. By 2024, Gartner, Inc. predicts that these technologies will replace almost 69% of the manager’s workload.

Then what about the business in your startup? Have you changed today? If not at all, this article is right for you. Or for those who have already carried out a business transformation, it is time to complete business processes in other fields so that they can grow rapidly.

In this discussion, we will discuss how to transform your business in a modern way.

But actually, how does this automated business process work? Listen to the explanation until the end and find “Aha” in every insight you get.

Know Well Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) involves implementing technology to automate processes, increase efficiency, and achieve business objectives. Processes refer to the actions and activities that drive a business toward its goals.

By automating processes using software systems, BPA can reduce operating costs by up to 90% and decrease the time it takes to complete tasks.

BPA typically consists of three main features:

  • Automated processes
  • Centralized information and increased transparency
  • Reduced need for in-person communication while promoting company-wide sharing of information with relevant parties.

To function correctly, BPA can gather data from both structured and unstructured sources. Structured data is collected and itemized, while unstructured data includes social media and customer behavior patterns. Depending on the business goal, you have the power to define where data comes from and how it is used.

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How Business Process Automation can help startups?

For startups, BPA can be a game-changer, helping them to cut costs, improve performance and stay ahead of the competition. By automating key processes such as sales, marketing, and customer service, businesses can streamline their operations and provide faster, more efficient service to their customers. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher retention rates, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Apart from that, there are also several benefits that you can experience immediately when using this business process automation:

  • Some resources can be used in other fields that have not been maximized.
  • More focus on critical tasks such as product development and customer acquisition.
  • Improve overall performance and competitiveness.
  • Attract and retain top talent.
  • More engaging and productive work environment.
  • Improve morale and job satisfaction.

Key Factors to Consider When Automating

In determining priorities in carrying out this business transformation, several things need to be considered. The first step is that you need to identify the tasks that take the most time, such as drafting or planning, conducting data analysis, distributing emails, and so on. After that, then you can search for tools or software that fits your needs. This can help to ensure that the benefits of automation are maximized and any potential negative effects are minimized.

3-in-1 Place Modern Way to Automate Business Process

The concept of 3 or more features in 1 software is a modern way and has been used by big tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Hubspot. They feature several tasks which they think should automate processes. In this discussion, we will find the right software for you and certainly not just one feature in one place.
But if you need further customization we can make it for you. Immediately register your company to consult your project further. Here are some tasks that you can automate.

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1. Email Marketing

Email marketing tool allows businesses to create and send personalized and targeted emails to their customers. This can help to improve engagement and increase conversions. Apart from that, you can also do general tracking of emails that you send, such as:

  • Opened Email
  • Clicked
  • Bounces
  • Request
  • Spam Reports
  • Demographics

To make it more custom, the email tracking should be added or replaced with the following list:

  • Reply
  • Auto reply
  • To Follow up
  • Rejected
  • Clicked
  • Opened
  • Demographics

Apart from that, you can maximize it with the help of artificial intelligence to make your email marketing follow-up template so you only need to change it a little according to the client’s profile. The tools that support this business activity are SendGrid and HubSpot.

2. Data Analytics

Data analytics tool provides businesses with real-time insights into their operations. This can help identify areas for improvement and optimize performance. The tools available in data analytics are generally only able to cover a few of your tasks and their needs are difficult to adjust to the business. So in this data analytics tool, you need to understand what data you need to process and become a benchmark for your business decisions. After that, you can create personalization with business automated process software. Tools that support this include Power BI and Tableau.

3. Employee Workflow

The employee workflow tool streamlines and automates HR tasks, such as onboarding and performance management. This can help improve employee productivity and engagement. Not only for HR tasks, but you can also use this for your digital product development process, such as developing enterprise software, mobile, and websites. Of course in this workflow there is a space for project management in organizing the development of apps, and websites. Tools that support this such as SharePoint.

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4. Customer Support

Customer support tools provide businesses with a range of tools to manage customer inquiries and support requests. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Apart from that, these tools can help you respond to chats from your users/customers. No need to worry about slow response anymore, let alone having to stay for 24 hours. With this automation process, you can reduce the burden of responsibility in taking care of your customers. The tools available for this support are Tidio and Tawk.to

5. Onboarding and Training

Onboarding and training tools provide businesses with a range of resources to help onboard and train new employees. This can help improve employee retention and productivity. More deeply, these tools can overcome problems in the supervision and handover of employees at work. So this will be very profitable for your startup. Tools that provide this support are Userpilot, Appcues, and Whatfix.

How Can Emveep Boost your Business Process?

This is a good opportunity for you. With Emveep, you can make custom-automate your business processes. What’s more, if you still haven’t prepared anything but know the problems in the business flow, we can create an MVP for you.

Take your time and Relax with business process automation

Business process automation can be a powerful tool for startups looking to grow and scale their operations. By identifying the most critical and time-consuming tasks in a process and automating them, startups can save time and reduce costs. 

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