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Posted 29/09/20

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Many stories from fresh graduates, Information and Technology major who dilemma. When they went to college and took an IT major, some of them may have difficulty in coding. Yes, coding!! Coding is the method of using a programming language to get a machine to behave as you would like it to. Each line of code tells the machine to do something and is called a script a document full of lines of code.

If you are looking for a job in the technology field but seems you rather hate coding, no worries. There are still many job positions that are suitable for you, such as UI/UX Designer, Software Quality Tester, Data Analyst, and Technical Recruiter.

UI/UX Designer

UI and UX are different. A UI designer is responsible for building interactive programs that enhance a label experience for a customer and facilitate an enjoyable site experience for the business. UI designers also need a working understanding of coding, so they need to move the power of the brand into a user interface.

Meanwhile, in general, a UX designer maintains user research, designs, composes UX copies, validates or evaluations with the user, and sells or introduces the business design solution. It is the role of the UX designer to be the user’s voice and advocate for users’ needs while balancing business objectives. According to, the basic salary for fresh graduates of UI/UX Designers in the USA is around $85,277.

Software Quality Tester

They are experts in quality assurance who root bugs, poor performance, and dysfunctional interfaces. If you are interested in this position, you need to prepare several things that you will do:

  1. Create and record automated and manual test plans and procedures, execute experiments, evaluate performance, and report on test problems and anomalies (bugs in the code)
  2. Be an excellent (written and oral) communicator with customers, development, operations, and product management
  3. Understand different methodologies of development, such as Agile and Scrum, and software test platforms or environments.
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Based on, the average salary for an entry software quality tester is $46,777.

Data Analyst

A data analyst gathers and stores sales statistics, market analysis, logistics, linguistics, and other behaviors. They take technical competence to maintain the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways that help people, businesses, and organizations make better choices.

Here are some job lists for a data analyst:

  1. Working on computer-based models to extract the data required to delete damaged data
  2. Providing initial analysis to assess the consistency of the data
  3. Performing deeper tests to determine the significance of the data
  4. Providing additional data screening reports based on interpretation and presentation to management.

Taking to, the average salary for an entry-level Data Analyst in the USA is $62,916.

Technical Recruiter

A Technical Recruiter is charged with filling specialized roles in all facets of the procurement and recruiting of IT professionals. A Professional recruiter must seek to locate and fill job vacancies, interview candidates and maintain application records. Basically, this position is similar to an HRD position, but a technical recruiter is more specifically to IT engineer.

If you don’t like working with coding but you are an IT graduate, you can try this position. Here are several job lists of a technical recruiters:

  1. Interviewing candidates incorporating various approaches such as structured interviews, professional assessments, and behavioral questions
  2. Coordinating with IT staff members to assess administrative goals and hire needs
  3. Keeping updated with the latest innovative innovations and the current developments
  4. Parsing specialized qualifications and skills for screening IT resumes.
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Based on, the average salary for a technical recruiter is $45,984.

In sum, many job positions that are available for IT graduates besides programmers and developers. All you need is to update what kind of job position is suitable for your major or degree.

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