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Posted 07/07/22

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Is anyone still confused about using WordPress plugins and themes? Undoubtedly one of you still has doubts about the choice of plugins & themes in creating a website. You have come at the right time, and this article is for you.

This WordPress plugin and theme are highly recommended. There are hundreds or even thousands of users using this plugin and theme. Various platforms can be used, starting from creating your own or using a CMS.

CMS (Content Management System) is one way to quickly create a website. There are various types of CMS, one of which is the WordPress CMS which we will discuss here. Here’s our summary of the developers and their experiences with WordPress. But let’s start with what is WordPress Plugins and themes.

What Are WordPress Plugins and Themes?

Before discussing plugins and themes, this word or idea about WordPress was first initiated by two friends, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, in 2003. WordPress is open-source software. This means it is free to be modified by anyone according to their needs. You as a user can publish content without needing to understand programming languages.

With the creation of WordPress, these two friends developed WordPress to have themes and plugins that support their product. So that can create any website style, from simple to business, with various complete features.

Themes are designed to make large-scale changes to the look of your website. This includes the design, layout, colours, navigation, and everything else involved in its overall appearance. The plugin makes it easier for users to do a job. Job related to WordPress is often related to making a website or creating an SEO-friendly website.

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What Is Different Between Themes and Plugins?

Different things theme and plugin

The difference between themes and plugins lies in the function they are used for. WordPress themes are often used as a tool to beautify a website.

This WordPress theme is divided into 2 there are paid and free. But if you want to make a custom, this has something to do with the plugin. Plugins serve as tools to make it easier for users to customize. To support website creation using WordPress, here are some themes and plugins that are highly recommended to use:

What Are The Modern Themes To Use On WordPress?


Generate press number one

GeneratePress are themes created with a focus on speed and usability. GeneratePress aims to be a lightweight foundation that can handle any website project. It aims to offer just the proper customization while remaining extremely light and stable.

In the 6 years since this theme was launched, it has proven to be one of the most stable WordPress themes. In addition, this theme is fully integrated with the Gutenberg Editor. These themes are also compatible with various page builders and WooCommerce (for the creation of E-Commerce).

This theme can basically be downloaded for free. However, if you want this theme to work more optimally, you can choose the premium version of GeneratePress. This premium version has always been a dream for WordPress users. In addition to being light and stable, premium theme features are very complete for customization of every part.

The proof? This theme has been downloaded more than 3 million times in six years on the air, with 300,000+ active users!

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Astra the best and modern number two

Astra is a powerful theme and is often used by users. This theme is perfect for those of you who want a fast website. In addition, this theme is used for blog-themed, business, and eCommerce stores.

Astra provides an attractive colour option, a wide selection of typography, and many layouts that you can use to customize. You can use a ready-made demo site and then import it to build your website.

There are more benefits that you get related to this Astra theme. This theme is designed for SEO-Friendly which is also helpful for increasing your ranking on the Google search engine.


SeedProd modern and best number three

Seedprod is one of the trendy themes in the market. This theme allows you to create custom multipurpose themes without writing any code.

SeedProd is perfect for beginners. You can start with a blank page and build your theme entirely from start to finish. You can drag and drop features to set up theme pages and launch your website. Interesting right?

Basically, you have complete control over creating themes without any limitations. So that your unique ideas can be well realized on the website.

Can We Use Two Themes in WordPress?

Your WordPress site only has one active theme at a time, while you can use as many plugins as you want. But if you’re going to use 2 or more themes, you can use a WordPress plugin. This can make it easier for you to create different themes to customize the product page to suit your needs.

What Plugins Should I Use For WordPress?

Elementor Website Builder

elementor the best and modern

Elementor Website Builder plugin functions as a Page Builder that helps users create websites effortlessly. You can create the website you want more quickly because there are widgets that perform to take a look the way you want.

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Really Simple SSL

Really simple SSL number two

The Really Simple SSL plugin automatically detects the existing SSL configuration on the hosting and applies it directly to your website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast for seo

If you want to maximize SEO on your website, you can use Yoast SEO. In these plugins, you can manage various data such as Canonicals URL, Meta Tags, set XML sitemap, breadcrumbs, and many more features that can be used to maximize SEO.


woocommerce for ecommerce website

Woocommerce is an open-source plugin that works to turn your website into eCommerce. These plugins give you various functions aimed at sales, product management, sales reports, and much more.

Code Snippets

code snippet for developer

This code snippet plugin is used to add HTML/PHP code to your website. In this plugin, you can also set how the code is executed to manage the regulation used more flexibly.


Have you selected themes and plugins that are right for you? But if you are still confused and need experts to create a website. You can contact us or even just a consultation to execute your idea in creating a website with WordPress. Please contact us, or you can click here to get guidance from us, and our experts will always be ready to assist you in creating a website.


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